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Mon, Mar. 24th, 2008, 05:35 pm
I've always been right behind whats happenin

<center>*she's lost in this, she's like she'll always be...a little far for me to reach*</center> 

Hello all :)  been a busy bee lately. Uni is going well, but fully. and working in most of my spare time. Leaving little time for very little else, which has resulted in making a lot of sacrifices on the *nice people* front. However. those who understand i know will stick around till the papers are in and im out :D 
Apart from that things are just going really. First time at TinthePark this year which im totally stoked about. Gonna be rad! Be taking my helmet to Rage. Belt up for a good thrashing. oh aye. Heaven :D

Lalala. I really, as always, have very little to say. or to rant about. Except that I rediscovered all my favourite old cartoons lately. which makes me very happy. All the Silly Symphonies. hehe. Dont make cartoons like they used to by the way! none of this Booboo nonsense in my day.

Easter Holidays this week and next. Both involve lots of nightshifts and possibly a trip to the ice rink? Which has become my favourite new way to terrify the life out of my limbs :D


Wed, Sep. 26th, 2007, 08:04 pm
mmmm, bread and butter

Hello, I don't deserve you diary! I never write anything, ever. I finished my placement at the Royal Ed. Was good. Better than I had expected. And placement in one of the psychiatric wards at StJohns is now equally as good. If a little draggy at times. It aint as glamourous as it maight sound.
I went to a Karaoke thing today. Surprised myself by getting up and (what in some universes may be described as..) singing. Shoop shoop song. AND I enjoyed it. Shows how far Ive come since my days before entering the world of care. Would never have done that 3, 4 years ago. Going to Ireland at the end of october which is going to be FAB!!!! with Steph. cant wait :) Irish accents ahoy woop woop!!!
cant be arsed writing any more.


Sun, Jul. 22nd, 2007, 05:39 pm
48 weeks since last post.

Oh Dear thats a long time ago. Sorry journal. As you might imagine, my faithful electronic friend, a lot has happened since the last time i graced your screen. The biggest change being that I moved out of my parents and moved in with Nikki in a fabulous wee flat in Leith. Its actually awesome. Also at that same time I started at Napier doing Mental Health Nursing. Which is also fabulous! I start placement tomorrow at the Royal Edinburgh. I'm so excited but also really not as I'm completely zonked from the 5 hour flight that began at 3am this morning. Been slipping in and out of dream land since arriving back. *yawn*

Just got back this morning, as you may have guessed, from holiday. I embarked on my first adventure outside of the UK last saturday. To Gran Canaria, Puerto Rico. Was SO good. Like, seriously SO GOOD! The eweather was awesome, the people were awesome the sangria was AWESOME! I absolutely loved it. Saw snakes and lizards and Reps. Met my first holiday Rep. What a strange breed they are....

Thats about it really. As always, all quiet on the love front. My family of rats has been extended to four, Since Bolan and Ziggy joined Brody and Cooper. :D and our resident Cat, Garfield, sadly missed Nikkis' Mums' just too much and has flitted back :( Hate not having a cat around.....Could there be the tiny patter of tiny paws soon? haha. maybe.

Thu, Aug. 17th, 2006, 12:07 pm

pooooo.The picture didnt work :( xx

Thu, Aug. 17th, 2006, 11:26 am
People in love get everything wrong.

Last night shift tonight, then its  H O L I D A Y time...
ARHGHGHGHGHFSHARFWHJIEAQRF there was this horrible plop noise two nights ago while i was sitting in the livingroom at work, and i looked down and there was this bloody HUGE spider just randomly fell from the ceiling :( It was so humoungus that it actually made a noise when it hit the deck. I cannot stress enough how terrifying this experience was. Especially since it looked at me and started bolting towards me on my seat :( :( :( I managed to get all my magazines and shoes and juice and feet off the floor before split seconds because it scuttled under my chair.

So this morning i was putting out the rubbish bags and as i closed the door the same spider just kinda glided through the air and landed beside the door. :( I have a horrible feeling in me incase it was me it glided off And just to round off my spider rant...( I think they did this delirbately) there was a HUGE spider in Janets house on Two Pints of Lager last night, and then it was crawling on Louise's face on the bus.  YUCK.

b b b baby..i think im going c c c craZy....

Pointing at the huge spider :(

Anyway, i think it is definately bed time. OOOOOo Big Brother final tomorrow!
How exciting!

OOO only a few days till go to see AnCarina do their *performance* at the festival. Everyone go. It will be awesome! Except none of the guys i work wth are allowed to go...:(

ok. im away to bed. night night (or good morning)

Tue, Aug. 15th, 2006, 06:37 pm
Whats the complication its only conversation?

Hey there.

Nightshift again....YUCK......It gives me far to much time to think about stuff. 
So last weekend was good. Saturday night was cocktails and kirsty :D was a wild night at Spoons with a bunch of weeeeeirrdddooooooosssssss. :D best fun. Then Sunday showed Alex the coolness that is livingston. He was blown away by the beauty of the place. was magic....haha. and we got pizza hut :D Then Opium. which was also goooood :D Except for having to go into work that night afterwards. my body clock was like WTF!!!!! But i had an ace weekend. except for finding out someone i thought was a good friend....really isnt :( this summer has been eye opening.
And next week im on holiday YAY!  So thats cool :) 
Im bored bored bored. And i know by the time 10am tomorrow comes Im gonna be super grumpy cause i hardly got any sleep today. Brother had his music up full volume and him and his mates were running about the house screaming and destroying the bathroom (right next to my room) all so my brother can look like Pete from Big Brother. *sigh*
anyways im away to be bored someplace else. I guess. hmmmmm......xxx

Wed, Aug. 9th, 2006, 11:27 pm



Wed, Aug. 9th, 2006, 10:41 pm

TE$W)*^$£JH^Y%I*I U%*$"WKP$£UT^$()£O&%~£)"£"Q~JIKR£WPKJFTOPERyh

Nikki Grace Mickey and Drippy back in the hiiiizzzzzzoooouuusseeee
Wht will happen.. its all so exciting. Why am i writing an entry about Big Brother? Am i MAD?!?!
I hope Nikki goes back in.....Imagin Pete's wee face, Bless. :D

HOWEVER.....I read on the web that Imogen and Richard are in with them now to....whats going on!?!?!

Sun, Aug. 6th, 2006, 10:34 pm
update :D

Today was muuuuuuuuuch better day at work. no puke and very little poo. haha.
Although, speaking of poo, there is a very strong smell of it here in east calder. Its digusting! and up at work to had to keep all the windows closed cause it was honking!

So, day off tomorrow. :D meeting the lurvly Alex. Meeting him because he is interesting and smiley and makes a cracking sandwich :D and not just to get my phone back :P So should be a good day. yup yup yup.

Going out this weekend for Kirstys birthday which should be a laugh. dont see her as much as i wish since she moved out into her own little love nest. I hate when people move away.  booooo. I will go up more often. 

There was a spider on my radiator :(

Night night xxx

Sun, Aug. 6th, 2006, 02:20 am

tumteetum.....I cant sleep. So i thought i would pass some time on here.....
Work was horrible today. Well, actually it was no bad cause me and Heather got chinese and cheesecake and lots of rasberries and strawberries and it was awesome. but also haarrd work today. yuck. Lots of interesting things to clean up.........Bleurgh. 
Getting the Holiday booked for 18th september......5 days solid work with no sleep hardly...and only getting paid 12 hours a day...and also getting to see Dolphins (hopefully) and getting some nice meals paid for and getting to stay in a sweet house for a week, not bad.  Hopefully get the same house booked again as last year. That was terrible use of the english language. i appologise.

I realise im spraffing. but it is 2.30am and my brain is a little fraZZled. This is helping me to get sleepy.

Still not heard back from Unis yet. cause there was loads of confusion with the application and thinking it was lost when really it wasnt. I hope i go. Ive spotted a sweet ass flat in Gorgie. :D I cant wait to have my own crib...haha. can have it as pink as my heart desires. heaven.

Theres a fly in my room. Its actually doing my head in. And i hate that saying. Thats how much its irritating me. 
Im away to do something else. night

Ps. I almost forgot. Saw Allister (again) the other night, and they were AWESOME. you know its true. 
Ive had a dead arm most of today :(

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